Presented With No Comment …

Posted By admin on 2014-02-10
This post was inspired by one of the greatest minds on Bitcoin, when he tweeted this earlier today.

I Have Bitcoins Presented With No Comment

  • jimmyjam

    Bitcoin is a joke, it’s users are a bunch of handwaving, misogynistic, neckbeard cultists.

    • anirgu

      Thank you very much for your constructive feedback. It is much appreciated

    • Sir Barken Hyena

      That’s why it’s collapsed up to $650 at present. With a demise like that here’s hoping more exchanges die ;-)

      • anirgu

        so true my friend. so true

  • @Bitcoinrat

    I’m waiting until Prof Mark Williams prediction that .. “bitcoin will trade for $10 or under by 1st half of 2014″ comes true !!!!! ..

    • anirgu

      i saw the other comment and posted a response.